Thoughts on Mother's Day

To all the woman who are changing diapers,
adjusting to an empty nest,
or waiting expectantly.

To all the moms who's own mothers are in heaven,
who's babies are in heaven,
who's husbands are in heaven.

To the single mom with the strength to do it alone.
To the woman still waiting, hoping and longing....

To all the women who ever were, still are, or ever hope to be a mother.


Happy Mothers day to my mom.

Thankyou for loving me unconditionally,
for believing in who I am and who I will be.
Thankyou for supporting me through life's twist and turns.
Thankyou for all the years you put your children's needs ahead of your own.
Now that I am grown....
Thankyou for loving my children and taking the time to really know them and invest in them.
Thankyou for accepting, understanding and loving them.

Thankyou for being my friend.

I appreciate and love you so much.

The Love of a Mother:

- Lets her children eat the raisins out of her bowl of raisin bran leaving her with only a bowl of bran.

- Rinses poop out of underwear 5 times in one day and somehow still loves the child who refuses to use the toilet.

- Gently reminds her son EVERY morning that his shirt is on inside out and his pants are on backwards.

- Paces, rocks, and bounces coliky infants for endless nighttime hours while the rest of her family sleeps.

-Patiently teaches her children long division, the alphabet and how to wipe their own bottom.
- kisses boo boos with her magic kiss, but also pushes her kids to try again.

- Models for her children integrity, compassion, courage, grace, emotional consistency, hospitality and strength.

- Has the heart of a servant and teaches her children that same heart.

God designed a mother to:

build character,
seek to fully understand her children,
and comfort.

That is an awe inspiring responsibility. We have one shot at this thing called motherhood let's not mess it up, miss our opportunities, or fail to rise to our high calling.



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Mom Longueil said...

You amaze me, challenge me and leave me in tears, love your thoughtful insights into everyday stuff!

Cole said...

hope yours was wonderful. lovely blog. :)

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