I remember his feet

He had perfect little feet with adorable little toes.
I didn't get enough time to enjoy those feet.

Not enough nibbles or tickles,
no muddy foot prints left in my kitchen.
No tickely grass or squishy mud.
No trying to clip toenails on wiggling feet, 
or checking to see if the shoes fit just right.

Just a few kisses on those tiny feet and it was time for goodbye.

It makes me wonder how amazing the grass in heaven feels.  
Next time I kiss those toes, our time together won't run out. 
I'll get enough. 
We will squish our toes into warm sand and run barefoot through the grass.    

Happy 11th birthday sweet boy.


J. said...

blessings today.

Jenn said...

Happy Birthday Samuel!!!
(((hugs))) Carla ♥

Full Quiver said...

I can't believe another year has passed. We still treasure our time with your little boy and the picture we have with him. Thank you for allowing us the honor to met Samuel when he was born. And for sharing a friendship that shares the hard times and the good. Love you guys, Jason and Amber

Jobina said...

oh my goodness, look at how teensy his little feet are next to his Daddy's hands! What a tiny bundle.
I like the idea of squishing our toes in sand and mud in heaven, I can see my Auntie Jean doing that there too, that makes me smile :o)

Marcy said...

Sorry this is late, but "Happy Birthday to Samuel!" What a precious little one he was. You said it beautifully. I think about those things too with our son. It's hard to believe he'd been learning how to drive right about now.

Thank you for sharing!