Perfect in Weakness

"My grace is sufficient for you,
for my power is made perfect in weakness."
2 Corinthians 12:9

I found this verse on a little card under a bed as I was cleaning up mountains of clutter and muttering/complaining to God that I didn't know why he thought I could handle this many kids, with this many extreme personalities, who get their clothes dirty, use dishes, and pee on the toilet seat.  
I'm pretty sure I'm under qualified and that He way over estimated me.  

It was like God had dropped me an instant message directly answering my questions.  

I picked up the card with a picture of a woman running up a hill and read those words over..and over again. 
Sometimes life feels like a cross-country run.  You "hit the wall", feel the burn, wonder what you signed up for, and are pretty much sure you won't make it out alive.  

My grace  is enough for you to bear up under whatever I chose to give  you.
Your weakness, your inadequacy, your inability is a part of my plan, it is the very way that I 
 will show you my complete strength and provision. 
Rest in me.  Keep running.  

I'm not really sure what the photos of my geeky, adorable four year old has to do with that verse but 
I suppose most of the 'weakness' that I have involves my children and my ability to parent, teach, feed, and keep the dust bunnies from taking over the house. 

Seeding season has begun on the farm.  We have entered "spring fever".  The time of year when life gets more hectic.  Hubster is working long hours  in the field and will become a sort of phantom  for the next month.  There have been brief sightings, and traces left by him..but for the most part the man of the house is illusive.  Such is the seasonal life of a farmer.  I am thankful for both him and his work.

On the home front spring sports have begun, our  homeschooling has not yet finished (although the sooner the better),  yard work and my unplanted garden are beckoning,  the laundry continues to be my nemesis, and the baby's teeth are wreaking havoc.  Life continues to spin.

I  LOVE that winter is over and spring has arrived.  The kids are spending hours a day outside lost in their imaginations.

I'm tired.  Nothing new.  This is mostly an overtired, slightly sleep deprived, pointless, ramble...in case you haven't noticed.
I don't know how people manage more than 4 kids. Honestly.  The laundry alone is unbelievable.

.......I wonder if someday we will have more than 4 children?   How's that for a rabbit trail ramble?
I have no idea what God has for our future.   I'd probably be terrified if I did. 
It's a good thing He only gives us light enough for the next step.  He's writing our story and as much as I'd like to skip ahead to the end for a sneak peak,  that's not how God works.  
I know the passion he has placed at the very heart of our family, what I don't know is what God is going to do with that.

I have weird kids.  No really, I do.
Spazzy.  Quirky.  Dorky.  
I know everyone is made unique...but honestly I think some are more unique than others.
That's a nice way of saying odd.

It's a good thing they're cute.

The big kids took a hiphop class this winter  and this was their costumes.  The big recital was this past Sunday   
It was cute to watch.  They both love a stage.  Where they lack in talent they made up for with enthusiasm and swagger. 
They had a lot of fun with it.  Romeo was the only boy in the bunch but he didn't seem to mind. 

My kids may be diagnosably unique but they are good for entertainment value.  
I may keep them around for that purpose alone.

With all the "weakness" going on in this house...we're leaving a whole lotta room for God's glory to shine.  


Jenn said...

Thanks for your encouraging post! I sure feel as if I've hit that wall & wonder just what was God thinking when he chose this path for us. But moving forward we shall...one day at a time, even if only one hour at a time.

J. said...

I hear yo on the garden, i should be outside dealing withthe grass that has over taken the strawberry patch and the fact that I have a tilled garden and nothing in it.

Jobina said...

Their not just cute Carla, they're adorable!!! I LOVE that verse, in fact we were just discussing that verse at Bible Study this week, talking about Paul and how he really wanted his "thorn in the flesh" to be removed from his life and yet God didn't take it away but used it in Paul's life to show that His grace is sufficient.

Marcy said...

Amen sista! Again you have written what is in my brain. How do you DO that? LOL! I think your kids are adorable too. Quirky...good word. I think I may use that a time or two...

God is amazing in our weakness. I was just pondering that myself today. Thanks for the post.

Linda said...

Carla...these pictures are great! It is so much fun to live with a house full of spunky, funky, quirky kids. My daughter Lynnette(Dancing Again) knows all about that! (:>)

Have a great day!


Lynnette Kraft said...

You manage to make me laugh, even when you're trying to be serious. :) I just adore you. You know what? My kids are odd too... yes very weird... just like their momma! (and daddy!) I always say that weird is wonderful! (Might as well make us all feel good about it, right?)

Praise God he takes us like we are and allows us to be mothers just like we are. Sometimes I feel SO overwhelmed and like WHOA! They are all going to be worthless when they grow up! But then when I step back and look at the big picture, I can see just what God is doing through me... as flawed and weak as I am.

"The greatest of these is love." That verse speaks so loudly. (On earth) Who loves a child more than his/her momma? Love covers everything! It's our motivator! It's what makes us persist! It's what helps us see clearly. Love never fails. We can do it Carla!!! Oh, and six children makes for more laundry, but more helpers too! :)

Love you my sweet Canadian friend!