My husband is a ....

Hardworking provider. 
Talented woodworker.
Passionate Hobiecat sailor.

Loving father who connects with each one of his kids 
and invests in his relationship with them. 

Committed, playful, and affectionate husband.
Man of integrity and strength, even when surrounded by turmoil, stress, or heartache.
Bold and adventurous follower of Jesus.
Man who seeks God's heart and strives to live His purpose.

We are so thankful for you today my love.

For all you do,
for who you are.
for all the years we've spent together 
and all the years yet to come...
I thank God for you.



Jobina said...

Happy birthday Nathanael (I still want to call you Burley like the old days)! What a tribute to you, sounds like you'll have a good day with all that adoration :o)

Learning To Abandon said...

Happy birthday to your hubby! He sounds like a great dad to your sweet kids!

Question: How do you get your pictures so big on your blog? I've been reading some stuff about how to do it, and all of it seems very long and tedious! Is there a simple way to make that happen?

(In case you don't know...I used to write the blog "In My Life". I recently had to change blogs due to a few issues I was having and am just now getting a chance to re-connect with people! I did want to let you know, however, that your comments on my old blog were such an encouragement to me during some rough times in this foster-to-adopt world. I am so thankful!)

Carla said...

So glad I found your new blog! You are a very talented young writer and you share your experiences so eloquently. About the pictures..using the newer blogger format all I do is right click the photos and choose the size. I can't remember how to get the new post editing format but I like it a lot better. It should be super easy..unless you're using a different posting format.