It's in the Jeans..and random babbling

This goof ball not only looks like a little clone of his daddy...
he inherited his silly streak too.

He used to hate having his picture taken.  Now he's a camera hog.
"Look , I'm wearing Dad's jeans,  take my picture!"

Apparently there is a clown gene running in the family. 
I didn't know the below picture existed until my sister in law sent it to me after she saw the above photo of Silas.   My husband wearing his father's jeans.   Too cute.

His sister is the little girl in the photo.  
(taken just a few years before they were completely separated by foster care and decades of dysfunction...not that the dysfunction has ended, in fact the grief of it all has contributed to a mighty fine ulcer that I'm now nurturing.)
The mess is just one more thing I daily give over to God as I learn to trust in his power to heal and restore what has been broken.  It is amazing to see how God has  now restored these two siblings into such a strong genuine friendship.  They are both clowns!

Sometimes my husband snaps random pictures, which I usually find irritating at the time.  Occasionally his candid shots catch my eye.   I don't make it into very many pictures since I'm usually the one taking them.
I really liked this one.  

In it I'm  having one of my long phone chats with a very dear friend ...the grown up little girl pictured above.  We had talked the battery dead in my portable so I was stuck to the wall phone.   We do a lot of laughing..mostly at ourselves.  I've never been much of a phone chatter (in fact I usually avoid the phone) but since she lives so far away we keep up with each others day to day lives by phone chats every couple days...usually late at night while we both wash our dishes.  
(In fairness my husband and her talk just as often..so he can't make fun of me)

Her and I share the joys, and challenges, of parenting our awesomely quirky kids.  
We share what God is doing in our lives and what we're learning.  
We challenge each other to deeper faith and grace filled love. 
She is such an encouragement to me.  I'm so thankful that God brought her into our lives ( I know I've said that before..but I really am!) 
After 2 years...there's not too much we don't know about each other.   Neither one of us are phony facade kind of people.  We are  spill your heart, share your life (even when it's messy), get to the deep stuff,  laugh at life, give God the glory, 
candid women.  
She may even know me too well!...that's ok she loves me anyway :)
She understands forgiveness and grace.
That is the best kind of friend.  
 I CAN'T WAIT for her to spend another summer with us in Canada!

This is my talented sweetheart working in his wood shop (our converted garage).  His current project is re-making all the woodwork in his  Tanzer 22 sailboat.   He's hoping to have it out sailing for the first time soon.  He's been working hard getting it sea worthy...or in our case lake worthy.   We have no shortage of wind here on the Canadian Prairie!

Just a picture of "mini-me" I took before church this morning.  
She is actually wearing my sweater...I gave it to her because it was a tad small on me.  

Well, this was a very random odds 'n ends post.  
Sorry for the lack of wisdom, humor, or intelligent comments.
 I'm too tired to  form the words rattling around  in my brain cohesively into one thought process....just a bunch of pictures and rabbit trail commentary today.
My stomach hurts.   I think I should give up coffee, but I really love coffee.
My body feels like it's eating itself from the inside out.  I'm finally noticing that it's flying the white flag of exhaustion and stress.
I'm realizing that something needs to change...physically, spiritually, emotionally...or something more than just my stomach is going to snap.

It's a good thing our home school year is wrapping up and seeding time (aka single parenting for a month) on the farm is done.   I may survive to tell another tale.

Until then...I'll see if I can survive without coffee.

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