The best morning!

The last morning in Puerto Vallarta we decided to do a little excursion of our own. We walked a couple miles along the beach, down some trails, over some rocky places to find some more secluded and amazingly beautiful beaches. It was a great way to spend a morning. This is Nathanael walking back down our little trail without his sandals on. He scraped his foot on a rock while playing in the surf.

Scenery along the way.

Awesome waves to play in!! I wish I had a surf board...and maybe a surfing instructor.

We spent hours playing like little kids in the pounding waves. It got deep pretty quickly so I had to get brave enough to swim out to meet the waves and then ride them back in...and by ride I mean get tossed around and dumped on the sand. It was the most fun I've ever had in the ocean. I guess being that I'm from a cold land locked part of the world I don't have that many experiences to draw from. Nathanael brought his snorkel and mask and entertained himself looking for fish or something for much of the time. I prefer to stay a little closer to shore. Oh , I miss the ocean already! Next time I go to play in the ocean I will definately take my crazy water loving kids with me...they made me promise them.
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Jobina said...

I'm loving the pics from your trip! But you still never said what your resort was called...if you don't want to put it here could you Facebook message it to me? Please??
Ah, the ocean. I loved the ocean. I'm not a big swimmer though, I mostly love to look at it and listen to it. Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Carla, First time I've seen your blog and Rickey's right it's cool. Makes me want to return to P.V. soon. It's a favorite place.
Sharon Williams