flashback to the '80's

This is what happened to my hair after I took out the braids. I figured that since all the 1980's styles seem to be coming back I'd jump on the fad wagon and play up my new do. No crimper required. I made all poodles jealous I think.
Ok, I'm bored and sleep deprived right now so posting an embarassing photo of myself from a week ago seems to be the thing to do.
I think perms will make a come back too. What do ya think? Pretty soon we'll all be perming out own hair out of a do-it -yourself box. We'll be going out to buy "pick combs" and hair spray to back- comb our fluffy new hair into the perfect do. I'm still in shock over the resurgence of leggings, baggy sweaters, narrow bottom high waisted jeans (formerly known as "mom jeans") and even horror of all horrors leg warmers. My theory is that if you enjoyed a fad the first time around (in the 80's) you should pass on it the second....its not quite so cutting edge 20 years later. I will continue to respectfully pass on the legwarmers this time around. Although, I am hoping that ripped jeans with a bandana tied around one leg comes back in style...I might make an expection to my rule for that one.
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Jobina said...

the scary thing is that I used to wear my hair like that!!! About 20 years ago.
My Mom had that same rule that if you've worn it once, that's it for you! She shook her head when i bought bell bottom jeans when I was 17.
I'm totally going to get leg warmers for Trinity, I just loved them when I was a kid!