Puerto Vallarta Trip

My husband and I just got back Sat. night from a week long vacation in Jalisco, Mexico. We booked the trip on a Monday and left on a Saturday. We felt the need to get away from the snow, cold and slushy mucky weather so we just left. My parents were wonderfully generous and spontaneous enough to keep our kids for the week. Yes this is our second trip to Mexico this winter....without our kids. Yes I feel totally guilty about that. Our first trip was to a very different part of Mexico and for a very different purpose. This was a purely selfish trip meant to relax, recharge and explore another part of Mexico. We had an amazing trip. I missed the kids but did enjoy the pure relaxation and freedom. I would have loved the kids to be there to enjoy the ocean and the sights too but another 3 plane tickets were not in the cards for our unbudgeted spontaneous trip. My husband and I so very rarely go on dates or little trips away alone together that it was so good for us to have this weeklong big date. The weather was perfect, the scenery beautiful and the company a lot of fun.

I thought the kids would get a kick of seeing a picture of mom with a baby alligator...or maybe it was a crocodile. Whatever it was, it felt pretty cool.

I'm going to miss eating my meals over looking the ocean! The "board walk" ran in front of our hotel and for several blocks along the ocean. We did a ton of walking up and down visiting the shops, eating at the food stalls, and enjoying the live music along the way.

I wish I could post more than 4 pictures at a time. I'll have to do a few more posts I think. We went on quite a few fun little adventures - a three hour sunset sail, a trip on a barge out to another beach, a hike up to a waterfall, and a swim with the fishies under the water fall. Most of the time we spent laying around in deck chairs soaking up the sun after a long winter. We went through two whole bottles of sunscreen...but I still managed to get a decent tan. I took the glare off of the whiteness a little. We stayed at an all inclusive hotel in the old part of down town Puerto Vallarta. Our hotel was simple but clean and the location was perfect for us. Water front, beautiful beach and right in the center of "Semana Santa" festivities. Most of the people at the hotel, at the beach and the surrounding area were Mexican families on Easter break. It was great. I don't go to another country to hang out in a secluded resort with other Americans or Canadians...I go to experience that culture.

Its good to be home again, back with my babes. Life is promising to continue at a crazy pace very soon. It was wonderful to be able to step off the business of day to day life for a while, catch my breath and make some great memories!
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Valen and Carol said...

Do not feel guilty but thankful! God gave you a wonderful gift, time with your hubby...very precious. I'm sure the kids had their own special times.

Shauna Archer said...

So glad you got to enjoy the tropics - good for you for being spontaneous! I lived one summer just north of PV and loved every minute of it.

Jobina said...

Wow, I can't imagine just taking off spur of the moment like that, way to go! I'd love to get the name of the place you stayed.
Btw, you can post more than 4 pics, you just post four and then post four again and keep doing it until you have all the pics you want. Of course, your post may take forever to load, but what's a few minutes?

God's Girl said...

Oh... that's the way to do it. My husband and I used to do the same thing quite often. Now, he's the senior Pastor so we can't do that anymore. It is truly a gift from God when you can.

We've done that same cruise a lot because we lived in California. It is such a nice get-a-way.

I'm glad you guys got to get some R & R. : )