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First morning at the ocean... I still could barely believe I had a whole week to enjoy it! Like a kid entering a candy shop.

Heading out on our sunset sail. It was beautiful! Check out the braids. I had them done the second day while I sat on the beach. It was great to not have to do may hair all week. A perfect solution to frizzy wind blown beach hair.

Pit stop along the boardwalk for some tacos. Note to self: When the Mexicans put a sign on a condiment in spanish saying "very hot" it usually means very hot!

This was one of our other excursions. It was quite an adventure. We floated around on a big party barge most of the day. Then were shuttled off the big boat in tippy overcrowded tiny boats (through jelly fish infested waters...literally) on and off two different beaches. We ended up hiking up the side of a mountain to a waterfall. That part was fun. We were so hot and dusty after the hike that even a chilly swim with the fishies was great. You can play "Where's Waldo" or "where's Carla" in the picture. I'm headed to play at the waterfall. This is the closest thing to a swimsuit picture I'm going to put on the internet. Which is tricky since I sported a bikini for most of the day everyday. It was awesome to shed the layers of fleece and flannel!
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