Mexico for cheap

Here is a how to vacation in Mexico (or maybe anywhere warm) on the cheap. And trust me if there is a way to do something cheaper I will find it. First of all pick a week, then call up a travel agent (or several) somewhat last minute and ask what deals they have. There are some amazing vacation packages out there with the flight included. It helps to be flexible with location. With the economy in the states in the tank there there are some incredible deals to be had. Our 7 day all inclusive trip cost us much much less than buying a plane ticket alone..anywhere....and the plane ticket was included!! Go slightly off season, the busy times in these places are the deep dark cold months of winter when everyone needs to get out of Canada.
The above picture is a resort in Nuevo Vallarta...absolutely gorgeous! We went there for a "presentation" and earned ourselves a free gourmet breakfast, two "excursions" and a bottle of Kahlua. Take advantage of the free stuff....just take my advice...at the "presentation" show no money and show no interest...that is unless you are going to buy a timeshare or a condo and not just going for the free stuff like me. You'll be in and out with a few hundred dollars worth of adventures and you'll get a tour of all the fancy condos and hotels.

Now this is our hotel where the less fancy people stay. No, there are no wave pools, or giant swimming pool rivers but consider the location. The steps on the other side of the pool go right down onto a beautiful beach and a warm ocean. It was very clean, the staff were great and the food was free. It wasn't 5 star restaurant food but consider three very important things
1. I didn't have to make it
2. I don't have to clean up after it
3. I'm sitting next to palm trees and overlooking the ocean!
At this place there were actually three different pool areas and a ton of lounge chairs purely for my lazy enjoyment. We were only steps away from the board walk , the ocean and from downtown Puerto Vallarta. Lots of little shops, restaurants, art vendors, and live music within walking distance.

When we got tired of the 3 star buffet provided by our hotel we would just head down the board walk or the beach and eat a variety of food from a variety of vendors. My favorites being seafood on a stick.... you just don't see that in Canada. And handmade potato chips in a bag with red salsa and lime squeezed all over the top. They were usually sold out of big baskets that ladies carried around. We are also a fans of taco stands. For example the board walk goes over a walking bridge. If you venture off the bridge and slightly under it you will find the taco stand that I thoroughly pigged out at. The quesadillas pastor were awesome. I admit I'm a total garbage mouth when in Mexico...I'll try anything...and I've never been sick there.

Skip some of the expensive activities and enjoy the recreation provided at the hotel. Nathanael spent many afternoons playing "water polo" and beach volley ball with the Mexicans staying at our hotel...while I held down that lounge chair. He looked kind of like a big polar bear in the pool though. The "activity coordinator" a young Mexican guy who hangs out at the pool area said to Nathanael "You really like Mexico don't you?....and I can tell you like Mexicans too." What a compliment. Actually we just enjoy people and find the Mexican ones especially fun.
Its nice to know we were giving a good impression of gringos from the great white north. We didn't really know where his comment was coming from until we saw some appalling representatives while we were there. Sad to say these people are likely not an isolated event. We actually heard two ladies (large American ones) comment while walking out onto the board
walk from the hotel "That breakfast was disgusting! It tasted like Mexican s#*# ! Just look at all those Mexicans on the beach! (it was Easter break in Mexico) Don't those people ever work? maybe if those people actually worked they would have some money! "
If I had been closer (or braver) I would have reminded them that they were in Mexico and maybe should learn to enjoy huevos, frijoles refritos, and corn tortillas for breakfast (by the way they also had endless tropical fruit, a variety of cereal and pancakes)....and being that we are in Mexico they should expect to actually see Mexicans ...and preferably not just the ones mopping the floors and serving them their drinks. As far as work goes, I would have liked to see one of those woman spend a whole day trudging up and down a beach with a load of blankets to sell...or work 7 days a week driving taxi for a few dollars a day. As it was I just sighed in frustration at some people's attitudes and general ingratitude. What a way to go through life!
We had an awesome trip even in a 3.5 star hotel!
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Valen and Carol said...

Preach it, sister! We hear comments like that about the native people here that are just as unkind and often, unjustified.

Rebecca M said...

I'm so glad you two were able to get away on a trip like this- how fun! While I was still living at home and benefitting from my parents' travel plans, I spent some time in Mexico with them. My dad knows some limited spanish and spends almost every meal and every other opportunity he gets to speak with any local guy he can. I've always loved watching this- just one guy from the states getting to know another guy from Mexico. I, too, speak spanish in a limited fashion but wasn't ever brave enough to make a fast friend like my dad. Too bad for those "ladies". They miss out on some of the best parts of foreign travel: the people!