10 months

My little sunshine girl is now ten months old.   She is a smiley, joyful  little butter-ball that has us all wrapped around her chubby little fingers.  She is generous with her giggles which is a good thing because we all love to make her laugh.  Shamelessly.  Big sister and brothers dote on her, fight over who she loves most, and help to entertain and watch her.  The extra sets of eyes and arms are especially useful now that she is an efficient mover.  She is thrilled to have discovered how to crawl.  It makes chasing the other kids, or finding her favorite guy that much easier.  
I am so thankful for this little blessing.  I smooch her squishy cheeks and wonder what I did to deserve such a precious gift.  She rests her head on my shoulder and sings along as I rock her and I whisper a prayer of gratitude that I have this time to spend with her.
As the one year mark approaches I feel more like we've come so far.  When the possibility of adoption was laid on the table last summer we weren't hesitant but we were doubtful.  There were so many hurdles that would need to be jumped and mountains that would need to be moved.  There were SO many things that could go wrong along the way.  This is the foster system we are dealing with.   We have seen God's hand in this processes time and time again.
We are still mucking through, and waiting on an unknown timeline, but I am hopeful and confidant.
In the mean time we are soaking her up.

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We Are Family said...

I look forward to the day when you can post her picture and announce she is legally 'yours'.