If we can't live on a beach...

 We'll bring the beach to us.

                                        The boys room has a new coat of paint and a new look.   We changed it from the 'Farm' themed room (that I painted when Roman was a baby 7 years ago) to this Caribbean Adventure/ pirate themed room.   There isn't anything new in the room except for blue paint and the parrots which my parents brought home from Haiti last year.
Other than the base coat of paint it didn't require any money ...just some time and left over cans of paint.

The time it took is the reason the rest of my house looks sadly neglected.  
Mommy was hiding in the bedroom pretending she didn't have children for hours at a time. 

Due to technical difficulties...more pictures to come.   


Valen and Carol said…
Did you paint the walls?? Nice job!
Jobina said…
wow, I had no idea that you are so artistic, way to go Carla! I love the treasure map and treasure chest too, looks like a great boys room :o)
Grandpa Steve said…
ARE YOUR CRAZY? HOW WILL YOU EVER PAINT OVER THOSE TREES..ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Absolutely inspired! Fantastic!

Hmm there must be an art or science lesson in there.........
Carla said…
I'm a big fan of primer! :) Those trees are actually painted where a big red barn used to be. One coat of primer and one coat of paint. No traces of it left.

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