I'm hibernating

Winter makes me a hermit.  That and the fact that I'm somewhat anti-social.  Other than my natural hermit tendencies I am hibernating  because I hate the cold.  When you live in the boonies going anywhere involves a lot of driving, which involves digging, and plugging in a block heater, and cold hands and cold carseats...

I prefer to remain indoors where my handy boy scout husband knows how to start a fire with a blow torch. 

Even though I am an inside girl, this son of mine is an outside boy.  He is adjusting to wearing clothing again.

It has been so COLD (-20 to -30 celcius) that going outside is not very appealing for any of us.
For the sake of maintaining sanity (both mine and his) and burning some energy (his) outside of my house he now has regular outside chores.  He does a LOT of shoveling...the driveway, the steps, the trampoline....and all his snow forts.  He is a digging machine.  Maybe I should start renting him out.

Roman likes to feel like a man doing manly jobs..not that us Canadian women don't shovel snow or lug fire wood.  This is probably Roman's favorite chore.  It involves many trips carrying arm loads of wood through waste deep snow drifts and then lugging it all down the stairs.   Having him do the heavy work outside is the only thing that keeps us all sane  and my house from being systematically destroyed by his superfluous energy

I must admit I am already dreaming of  summer when the kids spend 10 hours a day outside.  Cabin fever seems to be setting in. 


We Are Family said...

I 'feel' ya from living in the boonies to digging out to NOT liking to be cold.....I tend to hibernate in the winter too.

Rebecca M said...

Okay, that last shot of winter-crazy Silas is hilarious.
But how awesome is all that shoveling and wood-carrying!! Go Roman!! I'm kind of waiting for Michael's dexterity to catch up with his energy levels. I would so love to send him outside to chop wood or something for an hour every day.

The giant mud puddle in the garden is evidence of what they did outside today. I think they must have been digging.

Sending hugs from our house!

carrie church said...

As I read about Roman's outdoor chores, I laughed because my Aaron is so much the same. It is always for the best if he has a major chore (which he doesn't consider a chore at all) to complete or the house becomes his play zone and it never works out well. It would be fun to get Roman and Aaron together and just see what they come up with.