My baby is 4!! How did that happen?

Today we celebrated 4 years of Silas!
Spongebob square pants style. 

My first time trying homemade marshmallow fondant.  It was surprisingly easy. 
My party planner extraordinaire Aili and I decorated our dining room in ocean colors of aqua , green and Spongebob yellow.  

 One of my goals this year is to do a better job with my kids Birthday parties/ cakes.  I have made a couple memorable cakes over the years but usually it's last minute,  unprepared and nothing very fun.  I'm not a big fan of huge birthday bashes.  Call me a party pooper but entertaining a house full of kids jacked up on sugar is not my idea of a good time.  Mostly we do low key, invite the grandma and grandpa, maybe 1 or 2 friends kind of parties.  Today we had some close friends over who's son happens to be Silas best bud.  It worked out great.  Aili was thrilled to entertain the boys with party games while we visited.  Thats my kind of party.
I put a little more planning and effort into making this birthday a special one.  He has been obsessing about it since the day of his last birthday.  Literally.  He has asked almost daily if we could have a birthday party for him.  Sometimes several times a day.
It's all about the cake!

This goofy grin boy LOVES cake.

I really can't believe that my baby is 4.
This is the longest I have gone in a decade without being pregnant or nursing a baby.  Seems strange.  Not that I haven't had my share of babies since then....but he is the last one to originate from my body.   I have mixed feelings about that.   I see God's hand on our life and on our dreams. Our house is full and so are our arms.   I love our new little girl just as much as the children who were born from my womb, but there is something about carrying and nursing a baby that I will miss.  
He is looking and acting more and more like a big kid every day.  I  stare at him and wonder where my baby boy went.
Age four has been a turning point for each of my kids as they leave the last of the barbaric toddler years behind and start to morph into a more logical civilized child.   They just seem to get easier at 4.

I am looking forward to seeing this boy continue to  transform , although I'm digging in my heals at the idea of him growing up this fast.    

Happy 4th birthday to my sweet, smart, silly boy.