Glimpses of Childhood

Sleepy girl loves books.

 She also loves to act like big sister.

4th grade math and pre-pre-pre-pre-K handwriting.

The weather is sunny and almost warm today!
Warm enough to hang the diapers out to dry.  Yes, I feel a bit strange posting a picture of diapers, but that is how thrilled I am with this weather.  

This summer Aili will be 10.  Double digits. 
Once I get over the complete shock of that reality I have to admit,  
I really like this age.
Still young enough to play with dolls, build forts, and climb trees.
Old enough to be a good helper and to have some interesting conversations with.   
She doesn't care what she's wearing, or if her hair is a mess. 
She is just her, unique, imaginative, full of big ideas.

The kids are enjoying the sunshine and the dry patches of yard.
I am enjoying watching them being kids, outside.

This boy  is running, biking, jumping, climbing and flipping enough to make up for a winter's worth of being cooped up.  
This is one happy boy.  

My little mother hen looking after her brood.

These two really couldn't ask for a better big sister.  

Such simple moments.  So easily missed as life flies by.

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