What did I do to deserve her?

Cece is not the kind of baby that nods off in my arms.   She would rather play.

After a few attempts at putting her to bed, way past her bedtime (overtired) I scooped her up and we rocked, and rocked, and rocked...
very slowly
her eyes closed.
I sat and soaked in the weight of her body.  The rhythm of her breathing matched my own.  I studied the curve of her lips and caressed the wisps of her hair.  I wanted to capture the moment in my mind.  

My sweet girl is growing up.
13 months today.
She is a curious, clever, playful, flirtatious, little bundle of laughter. 
It is so fun to watch her personality emerge.
She adores playing with her siblings, has daddy wrapped around her chubby little finger, and said "mum mum" for the first time this week.  

I still wonder how it is that I am so blessed.  I thank God for this little blessing every day.  

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Jobina said...

I just love it when those opportunities come to just hold them while they sleep...so precious!
She's blessed to have you all and you are so blessed by her, God is SO good!