Happy Easter 2011

 I hope you all had a wonderful Easter celebration today. 

As much as I typically avoid all the commercialism that goes along with Easter we do have a couple little traditions that make the day special for the kids. Dying eggs is one of our Easter traditions.  This year my kids dyed Easter eggs with Grandma while my hubby and I spent 2 days away on a little mini vacation.  Nothing exotic just a dinner date with friends, a night at a hotel, sleeping in, shopping, and enjoying each others company.  It has been far too long since went anywhere alone together.  It was wonderful to get away.

I thought this egg kit that Grandpa picked out for them was so cute.  They crack me up.  Pun intended. 

Easter morning is mostly spent getting lovely for church, but we usually have an egg hunt at some point during the morning rush.  This morning they searched for eggs filled with Play-Doh, which kept them nicely entertained while I spent time beautifying myself.
In case you're curious...we don't do the Easter bunny thing.  My kids wouldn't fall for it even if I wanted them to.   I haven't banned the Easter Bunny from hopping into our yard, it's just a non issue for us, totally off of the radar.  I  don't really have a strong moral objection to it, I  just have never felt like going out of my way to lie to my kids and spend tons of money on  baskets full of junk.  All the money grabbing from stores and marketing to our kids greed bugs me anyway.   To each his own.  This year they were thrilled to receive a KinderSurprise  egg and some chocolate mini eggs along with their breakfast..  It was a fun little treat.
  All that stuff is so far away from our focus today.
Today we celebrate and worship.

{Stopping for a picture on our way out the door.}

Poor Cece got cropped out the bottom of the picture.  She looked adorable standing there with the big kids in her Easter dress though.  (Someday we'll have permission to show her sweet smile)

 1 Corinthians 15:55
"Where, O death, is your victory? Where, O death, is your sting?"
Death no longer has the final word.
The power of death and the grave is defeated, and Christ is triumphant over all!
That is reason to celebrate!

So today we are celebrating a risen Savior,
hope,  life and freedom in Christ,
a beautiful sunny spring day,
and the blessing of family

....with the first wieny roast of the summer!
Not your traditional Easter dinner but we felt like taking advantage of our first warm day of the year.
It reached 18 degrees Celcius today (63 F for all my American friends)!
Gorgeous!  I could feel the warmth of sunshine for the first time in 7 months!
  The best part is the hoards of mosquitoes haven't hatched yet.   

The flip-flops have been brought out of storage.
Silas is back to running around in bare feet.  He climbed up the last of the snow drifts dressed in his swim suit and bare feet.  No, I didn't get a photo.  Would have been a good one though.

These are two happy boys. 


Gretchen said...

What a lovely Easter! I remember how glorious it felt when Spring finally rolled around in Sask. There is a certain magical 'thing' that we don't have here in California.
Have fun soaking up the sun. =0)

Mr Lonely said...

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