Letting out the animals

When you run out of space in your house for your kids, just try suspending them from the ceiling.
It's a very efficient use of space.

We have this harness system that carabeeners into a beam in the ceiling (ex-mountain climber dad has a lot of old gear).  As much as I love dodging  high velocity  feet while I cook I am glad that very soon he will be expending his need for speed out on his bike.  
When I say "need" I am not exaggerating. This boy of mine needs motion, preferably energy exerting, constant, muscle straining, and fast.  Hauling fire wood and shoveling snow helps to keep that need at bay but it does little to appease the craving (or keep him and us sane).  I wish we had a big open basement that I could fill with swings, rock climbing walls, and monkey bars. He would maybe survive the winter in Canada a whole lot better...as would my sanity and furniture.

We have finally had a couple days of sunshine and above freezing temperatures. 
They are now running/ flying free in the great outdoors.
Soaking up the sunshine.

We have spotted dirt mud.
Summer is on it's way..summer is on it's way...summer is on it's way...

The "last" of the snow is sticky and wet, perfect for making snowmen.  I put the word "last" in quotation marks because it would be an unexpected surprise if we didn't get another snow storm or two in April, but I console myself  that the end is near.  After April comes May...and it rarely snows in May. 

I am loving the warmer temperatures.  I really enjoy air that isn't painful.  

The kids did trade in their big winter coats with lighter "spring coats". 
 One step closer to flip-flops!
I bought Silas' little red jacket at a second hand store for $2.  It's a good quality brand, spotless, fleece lined, and it has a really cool picture of a snow boarder on it so it's Silas approved.  Perfect for this weather.
I love thrift store treasures.  

Yep, won't be long now until the bikes are out.  
The advantage of growing up on the Canadian prairie is the ability to hope...for rain, for summer, for a better crop next year...for little boys riding bikes.

{with sticky snow also comes snowball fights.  Some cope better than others}


J. said...

May the season of mud be just around the corner. Our snow is gone and I got to put up the trampoline, it came just as the worse of the cabin fever hit. It is is snowing today . but it will not last - you are in the home stretch

Laura said...

I love how your pictures capture the snow melting and the dirt showing again, the sun shining and your kids soaking it up. :) It gives me hope as well. I live in Estonia where we have similar weather, not long ago the snow started to melt here. It's hard when winter is so long but it sure makes the anticipation of spring and summer huge! :)