Have Faith Baby

1 year ago we brought home a 5 week old baby girl. 
I marveled at her delicate features.   I was impressed by the strength and stamina of her cry.  I wondered after the first few sleepless nights what I had gotten myself into.
We didn't know her case plan. 
We didn't have any idea how long we would have her with us.

I assumed she would stay just long enough to fall in love with.
Inevitably, I would have to say goodbye.  I would once again hold back tears as I place the child that I love into the arms of a stranger and walk away. 
God had different plans this time.

It seems almost unreal that she is still here with us a year later and that we are looking forward to making her forever ours..
 and yet nothing could feel more natural, 
more perfectly right.

"I will always love you and treasure you and celebrate the day you came, the day that God found us you."
("God Found us You" by Lisa Tawn Bergren)

You, my sweet girl, have been such a ray of sunshine in our home.  Your beaming smile and playful giggles add so much joy to our family. You are loved deeply and you will be loved forever.

The adorable little dress that Miss Cece is modelling came from Faithbaby .  I was so excited when it arrived in the mail today! I won a gift certificate from Lynnette's spring blog party last month and this was what I bought with it.  Thankyou to both Lynnette and to Faith Baby for making my little girl look even more like a princess.


Michelle said...

How precious, and so lovely she is. We are experiencing the same amazingly beautiful blessing.


J. said...

beautiful, she is beautiful.

Sophie said...

Oh she is precious, I can't wait to see that little face of her's. Truly a blessing

Blondie said...

How wonderful! How Beautiful! and I'm sure a nice relief, too :)

We brought Red home when he was 3 weeks old as a foster baby - we were able to adopt him right before Christmas - two months before he turned two. The social worker was really pushing the paperwork so he could be completely ours for Christmas.

Thanks for coming over to my blog and for your kind words - very thoughtful of you :)

Brownie said...

I'm sorry - I just left a comment but didn't see that it posted in my daughter's name.... I need to check to make sure that I'm signed in!

btw - my daughter is Blondie, I'm Brownie and my son is Red. I'm sure you see the theme ROFL!!! My husband? on my blog I call him Sir :)