Brothers Reunited

Yesterday we heard the news that Javier's little brother Feliciano followed him to Heaven.
From what I've heard it was a shock to everyone.
No one expected that both brothers would be gone the same week.

Little Feliciano was in his class at the Learning Center (at the mission in Baja) when the Father called him home and  he graduated into heaven.  

I know there will be a lot of mixed emotions.  
Devastation for a family who lost 2 sons within a few days of each other.
Shock and trauma for the staff and children who witnessed his passing.
Joy that he has been freed from the illness that ravaged his muscles 
and that he is reunited with his brother Javier.

The loss of these two boys leave will leave an aching void in the Learning Center and in the hearts of all those who loved them.

Our friends in Baja Mexico are burying another one of their beloved children today...two little bodies laid to rest within a few days of each other.  It's hard not to be there with them as they say goodbye.

Please pray for the dedicated and loving staff who have poured so much of Christs love into those two little boys over the past several years.   I know their hearts are broken. 

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