Happy 8th Birthday Little Man!

8 years ago today a beautiful baby boy was born with  big blue eyes and a head full of spiky hair. 
My son, you have always held a very special place in my heart.

You live and love with an enthusiasm that would be hard to match.
You exemplify all that is wonderful, wild, and mysterious about boyhood.

My super snuggler.
My handsome prince.
My noble knight.
My fearless explorer.

This morning, 
on his first morning of being an 8 year old
he greeted me with his usual enthusiastic full body hug.
As he awkwardly bounced up onto my lap like a German Shepherd who thinks he's a lap dog...

I held on a little longer. 
I held him a little closer.
The childhood years are rushing by and I find myself catching glimpses of the man he will be.
Someday soon I won't have to worry about him knocking over my coffee cup or disturbing my early morning peace...
and I just might miss it.  



Marcy said...

He is such a handsome young man. Happy birthday to your "little" boy! I have GOT to get some advice about photography. Your photos are stunning! Of course, it helps that you have gorgeous kids. Hope it's a fun day for you all.

Carla said...

Thankyou. I have to give credit to a friend of mine who took the top photo of Roman. It is one of my favorites! Captures his personality so well. The rest in this post are from an old crappy camera or scanned in photos. What a difference a decent camera and a few good tips makes.