My little Girl's room

I've never had a knack for decorating, crafting or creating domestic beauty.  
I'm practical to a fault.  Hot glue guns and I are not compatible.   
I am loving having a little girl again.

This was Aili's room last year.  When we returned from Mexico, Aili picked her colors and we painted over the dingy, pealing, periwinkle paint that had been there since she was a toddler.  Aili was excited about her renovated big girl room although I wasn't thrilled with the colors initially.
A few weeks later a little sister unexpectedly arrived.  A few months after that Aili very graciously and willingly moved into the spare room in the basement and Celina moved into her own nursery.   

The furniture is second hand or well used by my several babies.
The decorations were passed down from big sis or bought at the dollar store.
There was no plan or intentional decorating...but I think it turned out pretty cute.
The little plaque above her bed says
"Love begins at home"
The flower was Aili's addition.   The hangy thingy draped from the window was made for us by our former Japanese exchange student.  It is rows of tiny paper cranes strung together. 
I really should add a nice little curtain or valence. 

I don't think kids need their own rooms, in fact my other three usually all sleep in the same room, but for a light sleeping baby it is practical and easier.  

One of the sweetest moments of each day  is the time I spend in this rocking chair.   I treasure this little bit of alone time with Cece.  This little girl is so affectionate and playful.  
She snuggles in close, sets her head on my shoulder and pats my back.   She steals smooches and curls up in the crook of my elbow and smiles contentedly at me.
She knows she's loved.
Although only  mother can understand this aching of love for a child.  
As I sing "Jesus Loves Me" to her she sways and sings like a smiley little bobble head.  
It struck me this evening just how much Jesus does loves her.
So much more than I do.  She was God's girl long before she was mine.  She will always be His.
It is incredible to think about how much she is adored by the one who lovingly created her.
I am so grateful and honored to be the one to rock her each night.
It is a big responsibility.  
   I pray that she will truly know how much Jesus loves her.

At 16 months Miss Cece is a toddler in every sense of the word.  She explores, discovers, imitates and asserts her budding independence.    Suddenly she has a very discerning palate and much of her food is dropped over the edge of her high chair tray.  She now refuses to be spoon fed her morning porridge and insists on managing the bowl and spoon herself.   She still has the best giggle of any baby I know.  


Marcy said...

LOVE it! The room is so cute. And I loved the rest of your post too. Made me cry! I just love those moments where you realize "Oh my, my heart wants to burst with the blessing this child is to us!" I miss rocking my babies. Every now and then I fold their long(er) bodies onto my lap and rock them just a bit...until they need to unpretzel themselves...

A Mom After God's Own Heart said...

Love this post so much! And the room is adorable! Simple, yet practical and love the colors! We are doing a pink room for our girls too! Its the August project!