A very random summer update

It's been a while since I posted last but as summer arrives I am less and less inclined to be sitting at my computer...although curled up with my laptop in a hammock enjoying the sunshine would be heavenly.  
July ,for us, is a lot of coming and going, yard work, gardening, camping, and fun summer activities that we try to squeeze into about 1 1/2 months of summer weather.

This week Aili is away at summer camp.  Last week was Romans turn.  Having kids leave for days at a time is worth a blog post in itself!  I must admit this week I am missing my little helper and chief laundry folder.

 This past weekend  we spent 3 nights camping with four of my siblings (one little sister is still in Haiti), their spouses, my parents, and a whole herd of kids.  It was so nice to spend some time with all my family.  It's been a long time since we were all in one place.   I may write more on it later.  I love my family!

Speaking of family, next week my bestest friend and sister in law is coming to Canada to spend a month with us!!
She and her adorable son were here last summer (our first time meeting in person) and we have conspired to spend another summer together.  We have lots of lost years to make up for.  
We are once again attending "Family Camp" together for 7 days of camping, playing, learning, and worshiping.
I'm counting down the days!

Miss Cece has started walking officially!  She flipped a switch yesterday and decided to become a walker...after months of being a chicken.  She was a total faker. 
It just never gets old.  I swear I'm just as shamelessly excited seeing her walk as I was my first daughter!

She had her first day at the beach last week and absolutely loved it.  She was happy as a chubby little polka dotted clam playing in the sand and splashing in the lake for hours.  

I am having so much fun watching her discover summer! 

As far as the adoption process goes...we're still in what feels like the worlds longest checkout line.  Nothing much happening, just waiting, waiting, and more waiting.  We've decided to settle in and not count on it being finalized this year, which means (unless something drastically changes) no winter spent  in Mexico like we had hoped.  We all want to go so badly but we are learning lots of lessons in patience, trust and contentment.   It really could be worse, but it would be nice to at least catch a glimpse of the finish line. 

ohhh...we also got family photos taken by a friend of mine.  They turned out so great!  I love them and I already have some enlarged, printed out, and framed in my house....and some up on FB.   You'll likely see some of the shots and individual photos in future posts but the family photos are kind of tricky to post here  since I can't post her face publicly yet. You're welcome to come find me on Facebook though. 

I hope you are all having a sunny and warm summer filled with lots of fun family memories!


dee said...

Great post! I feel like I have had a nice chat with you about summer!

Anonymous said...

I love your description of where you stand in your adoption process. I think we are in line right behind. I am not the most patient person so God is teaching me the art of patience.