A little mama and her baby

My girls. 
Like bookends in my family.
One is leaving behind infancy and becoming a little girl.
The other is morphing from little girl into a young woman.

They absolutely adore each other.
I pray they are always close,
even when they are both grown.  
I pray Cece will always have a doting cheerleader in her big sister, someone to look up to and a shoulder to cry on when life gets tough.  
I pray Aili will always have a sister friend that she can laugh through life's joys and sorrow's with. 
Those 9 years will shrink in a couple decades, 
but I love that unique big sister/ little sister relationship they have right now.
A little mama and her baby.
A little girl and her super hero.

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Penelope said...

So sweet! Just wait until the little one gets into big sisters makeup. Fun times ahead!