Hoist up the John B Sails

Last fall my husband came across this old boat and it was love at first sight.   Or at least it was ...I see potential  at first sight.  We bought it for less than what a  cruise vacation for 2 would cost us.  I did make him promise to take me away on a private sailing trip someday in exchange. 

With visions of summer days spent sailing as a family  my husband has been hard at work fixing up his "new" Tanzer 22.
The boat came with the name "John B" painted on the back and although we would have named it something else more feminine we left it as the "John B".

He sanded, polished, and painted the exterior,  scrubbed and mucked out the interior, and rebuilt all the woodwork.  
He removed the nasty built in port-a-pot and tiny fridge and replaced them with mahogany cabinet doors.  The only thing that would still be nice to replace someday is the old upholstery.  It's totally fine for now though.   Some men golf, some men watch sports, some have mistresses...my man has boats.  

And what a lovely lady she is. 

This is the "after" picture, all set to be moored for the summer by our
 friends cabin at a  huge nearby lake.

We left Cece with nurse Grandma since she hasn't been feeling well.  Her fever has gone down but she is still slightly miserable.  It was admittedly a much more relaxing for me without a toddler.   It was strange, but kind of nice being back to our family of 5 for just a day. The reality that our youngest biological/legally ours child is 4 years old now really struck me....sad that my baby is nearly a "big kid" and also kind of a reminder of how easy camping and summer 'would be' with only big kids (For the past 10 years I've always had a baby or toddler).   Although we all  missed Cece even after only a day!  I'll trade easy vacations for you any day my Cece girl.  Thankyou Mom and Dad for being such super Grandparents.

Roman loved to be up at the front of the boat with the wind and splashing water.  This photo was taken while we were still making our way out of the sheltered inlet into the bigger water.   At that point I was too busy holding on to take pictures.

Aili is very interested in the mechanics of sailing and loves to steer the boat.   
They are learning to be little sailors, 
which is a good thing because I'm fairly useless as a First Mate 
(at least I'm a good "first mate" off the boat)
My kids were supposed to learn about pullies and other mechanisms in Science this year which we didn't really do.  This boat (and the Hobiecat they have sailed on for the last few years) are loaded with pullies, ropes and all kinds of knots.  There is a lot to learn and the kids love it!

I realized a few things after the first hour of sailing.
1.   I am a hard core landlubber (unlike my mariner husband from Seattle)
2.   I like the idea of sailing in theory..but not so much in reality.
3.   My equilibrium and orientation is easily thrown off...even when I'm not sea sick (which I was)the motion messes with my feeling of safety (in other words...I'm an anxious wreck most of the time)
4.   I'm more of a sit on the beach where my chair doesn't move around kind of girl. 

This is a peak inside the renovated cabin.  It was SO gross when we bought it.  I didn't even want to go in it.
Now it's a nice little place to camp out in, or escape the wind. 
Speaking of wind...
it got a little too strong for my liking that day, 35km/hr made for some choppy water.

I did my usual super mom job of packing enough sunscreen, bug spray, towels, extra sweaters, water, food...
but forgot one thing.
Silas was not a fan of sailing.

"I should have stayed at Grandmas"

"Let me go home 
Why don't they let me go home 
This is the worst trip I've ever been on "

He did take a nice 2 hour nap though, as we cut our venture short and headed for dry land (after the bucket holding mom expressed the same sentiments that the Beach boys did) 


Now this is my kind of sailing!  A sheltered little cove, the sound of gentle water and children playing, a beautiful boat to look at ...or take a nap in (which I did...it was wonderful! The bed is right under the open vent so the sun shines in and the breeze keeps it cool )

The landlubber farm girl right where she belongs.

After parking the sailboat we spent the rest of the afternoon picnicking, relaxing,  playing and swimming.  
It was a wonderful day.  The kids had so much fun on their first beach day of the summer.
Even the chronically negative ,seasick , Silas stated on the way home "This was the best day eber!" 


Laura said...

It looks like fun to just relax together with the family out by a lake. I also just had the first day at the beach with a wonderfully amazing 30 C degrees here, it was really great to get some sunshine after such a long winter!

Hannah Banana said...

Thank you for checking out my blog today... and for the comment love! ;) I am stopping by yours now and hoping to be able to dive in all the way back to the beginning soon!