Country Bumpkins the sequel

After we were all dudded up in our best cowboy attire we drove a few village blocks over to where the 4-H horse show was taking place.
Check out the boots I pulled out of storage.  These are vintage baby. 
Despite the fact that I grew up on a cattle ranch, with horses and my husband now works on that same farm (now minus the cattle)  we really haven't invested much into the culturally correct attire. 
We kind of suck at being country.  

It was a fun evening and Aili did great...knocked my socks off/ shocked that she wasn't still afraid of horses and could actually ride great. 

The boys entertained themselves.

Quiz time.

Some other really cute spectators.
It was a very small audience of just a handful of families.

Aili doing the horse leading event as she gets a thumbs up from the spectator stands.
I think we won for ugliest oldest horse.
It is a 'camp horse' that we borrowed and horse sat for the winter.  Next week it's going back to a kids camp for the summer.  We're hoping it lives that long...it's old as dirt, and slightly less attractive.
Aili loves him though.

There were quite a few different little events that they had to do with their horses.  Different types of running, leading, bare back, saddle riding, and then the barrel course. 
It was much more about control than speed.
Not bad for a beginner.

The "pole bending" course.

Silas getting a high five for finally being brave enough to ride on a horse.

Who needs boots anyway.

Somehow he managed to get a token ribbon.  One proud boy!

Their club bought new matching jackets with a 4-H logo and their names on the sleeve.
Aili has very much enjoyed being a part of a club.  She loves the structure, the politics, the meetings, the speeches and the fact that she was the 'journalist' and got to write the club update in the local newspaper each month.  She liked learning about horses too but I think it could have been any 4-H club and she would still love it.  

She aspires to be the club president someday.  First 4-H and then the White house.

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