Birthday Boy

It's hard to believe that you're two years old today.   I am trying to picture the expression on your face when you see the candles lit up on your cake.  I wish I could catch a glimpse of you ripping open your presents.   I wonder what little boy themed decorations  and cake make the day special for you.  I wonder if you're having a party.  Where ever you are now my sweet boy I pray that someone loves you like the treasure you are.

I cherish the memories of the 2 months we spent together.   
It doesn't seem like a very long time now, nearly two years later but it was long enough to forever take a piece of my heart.  Every memory and photograph from summer '09 will always have a little fuzzy haired boy in it.  
We loved having you as a temporary part of our family.   

I love you and miss you my sweet little "Cub".

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