Country Bumpkins

So what do you call people who don't quite make "Country" look good...but definitely aren't city folk.
That would be us trying to be cowboys.  We don't quite hit the mark for Cowboy but we seem to achieve the slightly lower status of bumpkin/ hillbilly with flying colors.

{Insert banjo music here}

Kids that refuse to wear shoes, or sometimes shirts. {check}  
A backyard that looks like a shanty town. {check}
Shop at the Walmart clearance rack {check}

All we need is some cousin lovin' and  some chickens running through our house and we'll have it made.

My giddy-up crew is on their way to Aili's 4-H achievement day. 
Our scramble to finish supper (pancakes) and look suitable for a horse show went something like this:
"Is there any syrup?"
"Anyone need another pancake?"
"I told you to get some clothes on!"
"It's almost time to go!"
"Should I wear my wranglers?"
"Mom all my jeans are in the laundry"
"Do cowboys tuck in their shirts?"
"Dad can I wear your cowboy hat?"
"Dad can I wear the other one?"
"I need a hat too!"
"I think there's one in the play clothes box"
"Do I woot wite a towboy mom?"
"Do you like my belt? It's really colorful"
"I have no cowboy boots!"
"Go find your rubber boots"

"But wait , get back here! I need to snap a few pictures first."

Marlboro boy needs to show us his stuff.

What 7 year old knows how to do the smoky eyes?!
Look out ladies, you only have another decade until this boy is up for grabs.

All the 4-H kids wore their matching shirts.  It was really cute.
Although I must brag that our child was the only one in stylin rubber boots and a hiphop belt.  

Stay tuned for bumpkin night out part 2  "the horse show".
Ya'll come back now.

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Marcy said...

I love it!! Love your country bumpkin look. No one could look as good as you guys in it! Very cute. Seriously, your boy does have "smoky eyes"! LOL!