Why we love summer

In the summer it's light late enough  to ride a tricycle on the trampoline in your pajamas...when you're supposed to be in bed.

Or hop it if you feel so inspired.

There are beaver huts  forts to be constructed.

and burrowed into.

There are trees that need to be climbed

and a gazillion dandelions that need to be inspected.

It was a LONG cold winter 

but the sun is back and Silas' shoes came off.  
(We'll shove his feet back into shoes in October)

What better way to celebrate a sweltering 15 degrees Celcius day (insert sarcastic eye roll here) than to get soaked with  icy sprinkler water.

Which always  inevitably leads to getting muddy and cold.  I'm still not sure why.
Whatever keeps them happily entertained for hours at a time.

We really are enjoying having an early summer break! 
 I love the freedom of home educating. 
Our schedules have slowed down and it feels like a little calm before an action packed (but fun) summer of camping.  

This month we have been making regular  trips to the library to pick up arm loads of new books.
Aili has been devouring chapter books and I'm reading an adventure/mystery series to Roman.  They can't seem to get enough reading time right now.  We  stocked up on all sorts of other story books, toddler books, encyclopedias, and comics as well. 
They are loving having the free time to play and read. 

We didn't get as much leisure reading done this winter as I thought we would
 but my goal for summer is to covertly fill their brains...while they fill their tummies with hot dogs and Popsicles. 


Laura said...

Oh I just love this post..all the pictures remind me of life as a kid, the wonder of nature and all the hours I spent exploring it. Building forts has got to be one of the best things ever and reading is pretty great too. Your children are super blessed to have a mother who gives them the simplest yet greatest things! :)

Chasity said...

Such cute pictures! Love this! Fill up those brains! :)