Made to be Courageous

This Sunday I will be celebrating my own father and what source of stability and strength he has been in my life.
As another Father's Day rolls around it makes me sad that so many children ( and adults) have nothing to celebrate.  In fact this day is  nothing more than another knife in the heart, a reminder of what they never had.
I  find myself thinking this week of all the Dad's that don't quite show up, who chose another path.
The cowards.

So many men have no clue what it means to be a man.  When boys  never quite grow up into men who can do what it takes to provide for their families,  protect those that they love, and give the best of themselves to their wives and kids our whole society suffers.   We end up with a culture of man-boys sitting on the sidelines playing video games and watching porn when we should have men of honor and courage leading, providing, loving, and protecting.

I think a lot of Dad's are satisfied with "good enough" and can always find someone worse to compare themselves to.  "At least I'm not like that guy" ...while their emotionally neglected families slip away right under their noses.

 Beyond that are the whole plethora of men who are dead beats, tyrants, and abusers.
Some fathers have gone AWOL, running from responsibility.
Some Dad's destroy the very children God gave them to nurture and protect.

There are children who live in fear of the man that should bring them comfort and security.
There are children who wait for the phone call or visit that never comes, reminding them once again what they're worth in his eyes.
There are children who dread the sound of footsteps on the basement stairs at night.

God made men to be noble warriors, living for a purpose beyond themselves.    He made them to lead their homes as Jesus leads the church.   That involves sacrifice and strength.  Jesus is a servant leader.  He patiently teaches.  He gently corrects and speaks truth.  He shows grace and love.   He laid down his own life to reach the heart of those the loves.  That is the calling of a Father.

A father sacrifices himself for his children, not the other way around.

To many children who are sacrificed at the alter of  ambition, irresponsibility, self gratification, and addictions.
When this happens our families suffer, our churches suffer, and our whole society suffers.

Little girls need their Dad's to show them how they should be adored and respected by a man.  
You set the standard for them.  No one has as much influence in their life, good or bad,  as you do.  

Little boys need their Dad's to show them by example how to be men of integrity, compassion, and courage.  
You set the bar for who they aspire to be.

Dad's you are so much more than just a sperm donor or a paycheck.  You are needed... not only by your own kids but by all the kids out there who don't have dad's and need someone to fill in that gap.  

"May the watchers become warriors, let the men of God arise."

The enemy wants nothing more than to steal and destroy  families (which in turn wounds and devastates individuals)  that is why God created men to be hero warriors.   The battle is fought on your knees in prayer.  It's fought with a baseball glove on your hand, and a toddler on your shoulders.  It is fought everyday that you drag yourself to work and then home again  to invest in the lives of your children and your wife.

Thankyou to my own husband for being the man of God that your family needs.

I should add that I'm in no way a man basher or picking on Dad's as we get close to Father's Day.   Don't even get me started on how women mess up their children and destroy their marriages in pursuit of selfishness...but that's another post for another day.


I am His Beloved said...

Beautiful tribute to your husband! Love that new Casting Crowns song too!

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