Asking for Prayer

My heart is heavy as I think about my friend Javier.   He is a boy...who is now a young man..who has spent quite a few years attending the Learning Centre for children with disabilities program at the mission/ orphanage in Baja.   Over the years his body has grown weaker as he suffers the effects of muscular dystrophy.  Anyone who has spent any time with this boy loves him.  His strength of spirit and charming personality shines right past his deteriorated body.   He is quick with a smile and an enthusiastic greeting.  He jokes and flirts constantly.   He always made me laugh.

His body struggles to fight off any cold or flu that happens to pass through.  The winter that we spent in Mexico the flu that was going around nearly did him in.   He pulled through.  
 He was one of the hardest goodbyes because I didn't know if we would be back in time to see him again.  
I am hearing through our friends and a prayer letter that he has been seriously ill again.   He is receiving around the clock care from some devoted staff members at the mission,  who have been teaching and caring for him for several years.  It must break their hearts.  

Please pray for this young man.  I don't even know how to pray especially since I'm not there. ...but selfishly, and for all of those that know and love him, and for a young man who's life is being slowly taken much too soon....pray that he would be able to fight off the illness.  Even without the strength of his body he is a light to everyone he comes in contact with.   Pray for wisdom and perseverance for his doctor and the couple that is caring for him.   I know he is in very good loving hands at the mission.   I also know that he is in the loving hands of his Heavenly Father as well.  

While you're on your knees would you please pray for my little Cece girl too.  She's had a fever for the last couple days and it just keeps getting higher.  She woke up from her nap a little while ago with a temp of 105.6.  She's been re-dosed with Tylenol , drank a cup of diluted apple juice, was given a bath, had a cool cloth on her head and was curled up on my lap crying that she wanted to go back to bed (she signs for goodnight).  I just put her back into her bed where she seems the most eager to be.  She's on her 4th nap.  
Poor little girl is so pitiful right now.  I'm sure it's probably just one of the many fevers/ viruses that kids this age get.  Kids with fevers are nothing new in this house but it's miserable and somewhat worrisome just the same.  

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Marcy said...

Praying for them both! Poor baby...it's so hard to see people you love suffer so.