They're here and it's time to party!

Today we celebrated Roman's birthday (a couple days late.)  We waited for today because this was also the day that my  sister in law and her son arrived (at 3.30 a.m)
Both are good reasons to throw a party!

Roman wanted a camping/ survival theme party.
I was stumped for a cake idea but then decided to attempt to create a campfire. 
 This is the best I could come up with.
It was a hit...and we all needed a shot of insulin after consuming all that sugar.

Related to the camping theme he received an LED lantern, a pocket cutlery knife thing, and a "Bear" brand (that survival dude on tv.) survival kit.  He has been busy making fires with his new flint in the fire pit.

He's also looking forward to diving into this.
To quote his cousin who also has this Bible..
"It's awesome...the Bible has a lot of violence!"

I'm so happy that my nephew was here for Roman's birthday.   
My parents also came over for cake and gift opening time.   

It was muggy and hot here today so we also spent a little time at a neighbors swimming pool.  
We had a crazy rain / hail storm here last night and with the  heat today I wouldn't be surprised if we got more.

Super Auntie is back for the summer!

This is a new diving technique...it's called "The Plank"....and yes, he lands in the water with exactly that form.

Si, helped me make the birthday cake.   I'm pretty sure he was only helping me so he could have first dibs on the spatula.

Summer is flying by...
and with the arrival of 2 more family members it just got a whole lot more chaotic   loud  exciting.

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Marcy said...

Awesome cake!! Love it! Looks like a fun day had by all.