Beer cans and Icecream.

What do bags full of empty beer and soda cans have to do with icecream?
Let me explain. 
Yesterday while we were sitting around the table talking about our upcoming, still in the planning stages, trip to Mexico, the kids decided that they wanted to save up enough money to take each of the kids at the orphanage out for icecream.  They also came up with a lot of other ideas on how to treat their amigos to something fun, show the kids at the orphanage that we care about them, and provide for some basic needs for their friends  not living at the orphanage but who are living in poverty.  
I just sat back and listened...smiling.
This is part of why we do what we do.  It's so great to see the fruit starting to form.  

After they made up their plan to start an "Icecream for Orphans Fund" they found a jar, ran and got whatever change they happened to have in their rooms (which is all they have) dumped it in their jar and then decided they would need more.

Thus started the list of ways to earn, and raise money.

This morning these three walked around our little village asking neighbors if they had any cans or bottles they would like to donate.  They pulled a wagon and carried a homemade sign (a piece of construction paper with "Ice cream for Orphans" written on it and drawings of icecream cones all over it.)

These kids walked around carrying arm loads of loot for over two hours (while I stayed home).   Then they spent a couple more hours sorting and stomping all the cans.  
Just look at the satisfaction on those little faces.   It really is the only time I'll see my child hugging a liquor bottle like it's his best friend and smile.  
I am so proud of them.  Not only are they understanding that it's important to be generous but they are making it personal.  It's a hands on project that they have sacrificed for and are pouring some sweat equity into.  They are doing it all of their own initiative, for the benefit of someone else.  

It's so incredible to see God taking our flawed feeble efforts as parents and covering it all in His grace.  
It's profound to see Him working in their hearts.  

In other news...

It is that time of year again.  Harvest 2011 has begun.
I'm not part of the work crew this year but the crew is working hard, long hours.  I should have a husband again in about 6 wks...and then I'm hoping that we can escape for a weekend together in the city.  (Honey if you read this...that's a hint...nudge nudge...wink wink)

Canola or Wheat anyone?
Sorry India, no lentils this year.


Lynnette Kraft said...

"Ice Cream for Orphans" just made me feel all warm and fuzzy. What precious children you have to want to do that! Yes, you're right... that IS what is important! Teaching our children about compassion and hard work and mixing up the two.

Praise God!
Hoping you survive the next 6 weeks without your hubby nearby. Tell him Lynnette said he should take you on a romantic escapade as soon as it's over. (That'll get you far eh?) ha!


MamaFoster said...

love that, hope you get a night out too :)

stellarparenting.com said...

what great kids you have! I meant to say in the last post that I totally agree, kids need to be kids and mine hate that I make them go be kids but I do and they will be better off for it later in life. Enjoy the last weekend of summer!