Fo' Realz

Courtney over at Storing Up Treasures challenged us to post about nitty gritty real life.
It looked like fun being the exhibitionist that I am.

Although it's my husband that I'm exhibiting. 

Why, yes, that is my husband in a hole
and no he's not mining for coal, or digging to china.
His eyes plead for escape but onlookers only mock and take pictures.

He's trying to figure out why we don't have a functioning sewer pump.
Balancing precariously on a bar gazing into the tank o' poo.  

$200 giant vacuum rental.
$600 new sewer pump.
multiple trips to town for parts.
hours and hours of work...
equals one crappy day.
Actually it was a few days worth of fun.

Toilets that flush a washing machine that drains and the green light to shower again.

That's life Fo' Realz.

1 comment:

Marcy said...

Again, I am admiring all husbands who take the plunge into the great poo abyss for their families. My hubby has done similar feats of bravery as well.