I Love my Quirky Kids

"Do not disturb playing video games".
This shirt should say 
"do not disturb I'm obsessed with video games."
More specifically my new/old game boy that my cousin gave me.

Miss sentimental is enjoying her cozy new quilt.  
Thanks Auntie.

You okay under there Roman?

No he's not injured...
or being punished in some bizarre illegal way.

The day this was taken was an hard day.
He was moody,  melancholy, and fidgety.
Somehow he discovered that this helped him feel better.  
His own little decompression, self regulation chamber.  
After the chair experience  he spent time lying under an overturned coffee table.   
He was devastated that I wouldn't let him take the table to bed and sleep with it on top of him
...on the top bunk.  
He asked me if I could  make him a bean bag the size of a blanket so he can sleep under it.
 That sounds like a LOT of beans.  Whatever works.

Some days they make me so proud to be their mom.  Some days I wonder if we'll all survive.
Either way...gotta love 'em.
Just look at those faces.


Carmen said...

The picture of Roman reminds me of Temple Grandin´s squeeze machine :) Aili is getting more and more beautiful each and every day. Miss you guys!

Marcy said...

Wow! That is great that he can find ways to regulate himself, although being under an overturned table sounds painful to me! Have you thought of a denim quilt? Those things are HEAVY! If you know someone who quilts/sews, apparently they are easy/cheap to make. Just use old jeans. My Mennonite neighbor is making one right now.