Summer is almost over...but I'm not letting go without a fight.

Last week harvest officially began.  For us that  signifies the end to summer festivities and the beginning of a new season.  The Hubster is starting to work long hours again so we won't see him much during the next couple months.   The exception being Sunday, which is the day that the tractors are parked and my man spends much needed time with his family.   Our day of rest.
 This week we are having some wonderfully hot summer weather despite the late season so we kept our Sabbath holy by enjoying each other out in God's creation.  Living, loving, and thanking God for sunshine.

I love just sitting back in and watching my family interact with each other.   So many unique relationships within one 6 member family.

A good Daddy listening to a weeks worth of important stories and events as told by a pre-teen who thinks everything is important.   

I love watching my children play, get filthy, and use their imaginations.
I love that beach days get me away from the house work and distractions so I can  fully enjoy each little moment. 

I love summer.
(and I'm not acknowledging that it's nearly over)

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