Kids who still get excited about escalators go to the big city fair

Yesterday was our first time going to "The Ex"  the annual summertime fair/ carnival/ chance to wear your short shorts, cowboy boots and fanny pack.
Sadly I don't own any of those things and really didn't fit in all that well.

We began the day by arriving in the City bright and early to take my sis-in-law and her son to the airport. 
They have spent the last month visiting from their home in Seattle...although after the first couple weeks our living situation is more like co-habitation rather than a visit.  We were one big household of eight.   People had the hardest time figuring out our crew.  Two kids that just didn't match the other three or appear to match the adults, 2 women and 1 man.  I wanted a shirt that said " No we're not sister wives...we're a sister and a wife"  

It was sad to say goodbye but it is nice to be back to just us.

We spent the day doing some shopping, eating out, visiting my Grandma and waiting for the fair to open it's gates at 3pm.    We just happened to be in the city on the opening day so we decided it was the perfect chance to check it out.  

The kids were all great...there were no tantrums thrown by child (or adult), no one got lost, no one was assaulted or kidnapped by a creepy clown... it was a raving success.

Escalators may have lost their luster after this outing...

{at the airport, sad that Auntie was leaving}

Cotton candy helped them to forgot their grief. 
Sorry Brook ,cotton candy wins.

Roman couldn't get enough of the thrill rides.  Finally his height caught up with his desire for adrenaline.
Aili tolerated a few.  She surprised me actually.  Can you tell by the look on her face that she's getting braver? 

Miss Cece, the animal lover, enjoyed the petty zoo.  
 Not so sure that the animals enjoyed her as enthusiastically.

Roman loved reptile world.  He was in tactile euphoria.

Speaking of euphoria, look at Roman's face in the pic below.
The Dad is not so sure....

This is the ride that hoists them all the way up to the clouds and lets them free fall down toward the earth easing them into a grinding stop before the moment of impact.

I wish I could have captured (with my little crappy point 'n shoot camera)  the look on Roman's face as he re-entered the earths atmosphere.  Shear shock and horror...that dissolved into a demented giddy grin.
He bounced and shrieked his way off of the platform  "That was awesome! I thought we were dead for sure!"

My husband and his spine weren't quite so impressed.

Me and my Littles on the carousel.  The only ride I went on.   Somewhere around the time I became a mother I stopped enjoying rides and began to loath them.  I don't know if child birth changed my equilibrium or just increased my survival instinct over my desire for a thrill.  It is quite a phenomenon really.

It was Miss Cece's first ride.  She smiled ear to ear the whole time.  

Yes, that is my head in the lower right corner.  

I really love family fun days.  

Today we're celebrating our 15th anniversary by fixing our septic pump.   
I am happy to report that after 3 days of no functioning septic system we can now shower, do laundry, wash dishes, flush toilets....

It was a great gift. 

Who needs flowers and chocolates when you can have a new poo pump?  

We were contemplating leaving the kids with Grandma and Grandpa and taking little drive into town but as of this morning the hubster has a throat full of razor blades, and glands that make him look like Frankenstein.   
It appears that between sewage and sickness our 15th won't be very romantic.

Oh well, if there is one thing I've learned in 15 years it's that flexibility, a sense of humor, and a lot of mutual grace is the only way to survive marriage.   Putting the kids to bed early and snuggling up on the couch to watch a movie sounds good too.  


Julie said...

looks like a great day!! Love all the pics! One of our favorite family traditions is the fair!!

Marcy said...

Looks like all had fun! My equalibrium is off in the last decade too. I'll go on some rides, but do NOT ask me to go down waterslides. Swooshing around corners in water...shiver!

So glad you have a poo remover now. Life is much simpler with it. Happy anniversary! We've had some real doozers too. For our tenth, I was having a miscarriage, which put a damper on the whole Igloo room at Fantasyland. A very huge blech! I hope you can celebrate it awesomely when he's all better. Hope that soon.

Jobina said...

plus you can smile at the hubby when you thank him for the "crappy" gift :)
Happy anniversary you two!