6 years with Silas

6 years since  
this little boy came into the outside world.  

6 seems like the end of the "little" and the beginning of the "big" kid phase.  sigh.
Although it's crazy to see my last tummy "baby" grow up so fast I can't say I'm going to miss his preschool years too much.   He was my most docile, happy, and angelic baby (after he got past his fierce colic) but by about 2 1/2 ..wow.   Life has been an adventure.  

Silas' preschool years have been intense.   
He has a way of making simple things very very complicated.  He is opposite of "go with the flow".

little by little this boy is growing up...
and I'm starting to see the traits that were so challenging being matured into an enjoyable little personality.  I'm noticing traits that were once the cause of nuclear meltdowns now being used as assets.  I'm really enjoying being his mom, rather than just surviving being his mom. 
Of course I've always loved him to bits.

His ability to focus very intently, notice details that others miss, and see the world from a different perspective is pretty amazing now that he's a school boy.    

He is loving being in Kindergarten and in an actual classroom ( I'm homeschooing 2 and 1 is in public school.), he thrives on the structure, routine, and predictability.   He's really thriving this year...which is so great to see. 

He is literal, logical, silly, and smart.   He has an unbelievable memory for detail.  He reminds me of things, events, and details from things I have long forgotten...or never noticed in the first place.  He informs me that "I have the best memory in the family"..
and quite often tells me that "you just don't understand Science".   Fair enough.

He really loved our time in Mexico, which was surprising because the year before he was confused, and mostly miserable the whole time.  Maybe he liked it this year because it was familiar to him and he had so many memories from the year before.  Either way it was a great experience for him...it stretched his empathy muscles and broadened his slightly narrow perspective a wee bit. I think he mostly just liked the chili candies.

This boy has such a sweet gentle nurturing side to him.  It's mostly reserved for babies and little people.  He adores his little sister.  She taps into a place into his heart and brings out a side of him that the rest of the world rarely sees.  He would do anything for her.  

I asked Silas what kind of birthday he wanted to have.  Without hesitation he insisted a "Mexico Birthday Party"...with a Mexico cake and decorations.   His birthday has been the topic of every conversation with him for the last week...and actually much of the last year.  He has had trouble sleeping for days just thinking about it...so this scatter brained mom had better not disappoint.   He even made pictograph lists for me to follow...that included a schedule of events, what the decorations should be like, and how everything was going to happen. 

So I need to go get off of the computer and finish my cactus cake. 

He  told me today after I told him he was our little town's "New Years Baby" of 2007, that he is now the "New years boy" and "someday when I grow up I'll be the New Years Daddy...because once you're a New Years kid you're always a New Years kid...until you're a grown up then you're a New Years grown up".

so there you have it.  Silas claim to fame forever.  
Happy Birthday my New Years baby.  

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