Here is a glimpse of Silas' 6th Birthday fiesta,

although they don't quite capture the deafening intensity of 8 partying five and six year old's.

We had a good mix of boys and girls.

The little girls gravitated toward the pink bedroom to play house and bake cookies...
and the little boys did some pretty impressive ninja moves off of the couch.

Sticking with our Mexican theme, we served quesadillas for supper.

A couple of the kids were even brave enough to go all out Mexican with the hot sauce.

I have a dream that someday, at some birthday, Silas won't cover his ears when people sing "Happy Birthday" to him.

He tolerates it just enough to get to the cake part.

No fiesta is complete without a pinata.

I now have 2 six year olds!  

...and this fancy piece of paper that came in the mail yesterday says "come and get him"..well maybe not in those exact words, but it is our notice of travel, the final piece of paper we need to go and get our son.  

One week from today I'll be able to kiss those sweet cheeks.  

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