And we're off

Tomorrow is the day that we begin our trip to China!   We are leaving home a couple days early to drive our kids to our friends house and get them settled in, then we're off to the City we're we'll catch our flight to Beijing on Friday morning.  We're scheduled to meet Elijah, after we fly to his province on Sunday.  It will be Saturday night back home when we will meet our son.  That meeting will also be "gotcha day" and he will leave with us.  The next day we will return to the office to finish up the official adoption paperwork and he will be legally our son on Jan. 29th.

I can't believe we're finally at this point in the process!  It used to seem like SO far away.  Such a victorious end to a years worth of working, trusting, praying, and pursuing the adoption of our son.

We are so thankful.

It all feels kind of surreal and I know it will sink in once we're on the plane headed to China.
It will be really hard to say goodbye to our kids.   I know they're all in good hands, but it still feels like a long time.  They are all very excited to meet their new brother.

I don't think I'll be able to blog while we're away, I'm not sure what our internet situation will be but Aili said she'll update and post some pics while I'm gone.  I'll have lots of adventures and pictures to share once we get back...although I suspect time will be in shorter supply.

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Patrick and Christina said...

Thinking of you all and praying that your trip goes well. We know there will be challenges ahead with the big change but remember God is good and trust that He will work things out at the right time.

Many blessing to you! Keep us posted.