I'm going to miss this girl...

My girly girl with a flair all her own.

I sure do love my Miss Cece.

"helping" mommy make birthday cake

It's going to be hard to leave her for 2 weeks!  

I'll end with a Cece story.  Today I followed a strong smell of nail polish to the basement where Cece had pulled out her big sisters nail polish box and helped herself.  She carefully painted each one of her fingers (she was generous enough to have the whole ends of all her fingers painted) with about 4 different colors of paint.  She looked up at me smiling, various colors streaked across her dress (the play dress pictured above that she wore for three days), lipstick all around her mouth, and multi colored hands..."SURPRISE!"..."SO PRETTY!".....amazingly she got none on the carpet. 

I'm going to miss this girl.

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