Happy 3rd Birthday Sweet Cece

My beautiful little girl is three years old! 

I feel so unbelievably blessed to get to be her mommy.   
This is her first birthday as our forever daughter.
No more wondering if I'll she'll be celebrating her next birthday somewhere other than our home.

We typically keep birthday's pretty simple in our family.
Mostly because I'm not a big party planner.

My goal is to celebrate the day they were born by making them feel loved and appreciated.  

Sometimes all that takes is a table cloth, grilled cheese sandwiches,  and some fancy tea cups borrowed from Great Grandma's house. 

...and a scrumptious cheese cake made by big sister. 

A couple gifts, some yummy cake

...and tea.

I won't even apologize for the mess behind the party.  Laundry strewn about...toys scattered...such is life with five kids and a busy week.

But even on a busy week we can take time to celebrate our little princess and the day this sweet girl came into the world.  


Happy 3rd Birthday my Lovie.
I'm so incredibly thankful for you. 


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We Are Family said...

AWE!!! She's growing up!
You have a beautiful family.