New hair and teeth

My handsome little man had a few more "firsts" here in Canada.  
His first haircut since being home. 

His first lost tooth...since being home.  It really does feel special to get to witness little milestones such as lost baby teeth.  

He's so dreamy.   I have a total crush on him. 
Speaking of dreamy...

This is how my "twins" have been sleeping all this week.  
They curl up like little pups and go right to sleep.  I think God knew Silas and Elijah needed each other. This is just one example, both of these boys have anxiety issues and hate sleeping alone.  Silas is loving having a new brother.  They have such a sweet relationship.  

Yesterday I took Elijah in to get a start on his dental work.  This is what the highway looked like going to town.  When I left home the road was perfectly clear, or I probably would have cancelled.  It was even worse going home...a sheet of white ice. The warmer temps. and wind cause the snow to stick on the highway worse that usual.   I'm very much looking forward to Spring. 

It was so slippery my van felt like I was sailing it down the highway rather than driving it.  I think my knuckles were as white as the ice. 

We made it to the dentist though.  Eli was a trouper.  He cooperated and didn't fuss at all.  I made sure to stay in his line of sight.  Pain he can stoically tolerate, but Mama leaving not so much.   I suspect his coping skill of choice "dissociation" had a bit to do with his ability to lay perfectly still.  He didn't hardly flinch but his muscles were  tight as it gets.  It's maybe good that we're getting this over with before the fight starts to come out of him.  

{Aili came along for her orthodontist appointment, while she was waiting she snapped some pics}

It went so much better than we had anticipated.  The teeth that they thought would need to either be pulled or need a root canal were fixable with just a filling.  We got one side of his mouth done, which included the worst of the black holes.  We'll go back in a couple weeks for the smaller cavities and other side.  I really like that they used white fillings too.  His smile looks so great without the grey and black spots....or a mouth full of metal. 

They were so good with him.  So kind , encouraging and gentle.  
I was so happy with the how easily it went....I was kind of dreading this appointment. 
The coolest part was when I went to the front desk to pay.  I had started worrying that I left my credit card at home.  I hoped I could find it in my wallet, or that I could stop by the next day to pay (they're really great that way) since I knew I didn't have enough in my bank account.   I stepped up to the receptionist, began to unzip my purse and she said "the dentist isn't charging you for today".  I was stunned....and so thankful.  We had started to worry when we found out that Elijah wouldn't be covered by our insurance for several months.    We just kept walking ahead trusting that God will keep us all fed.  Our good Shepherd keep showing us that he has this little lamb in his care.  

Once we got home the stress of the day hit him kind of hard.  He was very concerned about his numb/ tingly cheeks that evening.  Poor guy had no way of knowing that they would ever get better.  I think he was kind of ticked that we had gone and wrecked his mouth...he looked so betrayed and discouraged.  Eating is one of his favorite things...and we ruined it for him.  He was quite thrilled the next morning when we woke up to a fully functioning face to eat breakfast with.  

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Chris said...

WOW, I am amazed that he didn't flinch for the Dentist-that is amazing, and how wonderful for the free service for that day's work:)
God is good!!!
His smile is SOOOO precious, God has him in the PERFECT place!!!