I actually went outside

With my eyes blinking in the sun, and a deep breath of fresh air filling my lungs I emerged from my cave like a bear after a long winter's hibernation. 

 I have not been outside to walk, play, frolic in the snow, or whatever people do here in winter since I've been home...heck I haven't been outside here all winter.  The problem being, other than I loathe being cold, is I had no logistical way to take Elijah out.  Oh we go "out" far enough to get into our van to drive to town but I don't ever just stay out.  

Even if I had somewhere to put him once we were outside,  it's a lot of work just getting there!  Exhausting  Shoving feet into boots, digging through bins for missing mittens, making sure everyone has socks and has gone potty, cramming Elijah's rather stiff angular body into snow pants while we both fall onto the floor, is a work out in itself.  Then, once outside he is pretty much unable to do anything (while all bundled up) but lay in the snow, which isn't all that much fun (although that's all I feel like doing by the time we all get out!)  So It's kind of sad that Elijah hasn't been out more than a couple times.

Yesterday my husband bought a sled, and adapted it with a seat back.  Turns out March is a great time of year to get toboggans on sale.  It's super slick...even Silas had no trouble pulling two kids.  

It was gorgeous outside.  The sun was shining, the snow was sticky, and water was dripping from the roof of the house.  The days are longer, and I'm almost giddy that Spring is just around the corner!..or maybe down the street, past the old mill, and then around the corner.  This is Saskatchewan.  Winter holds on long past it's welcome...but it's just a matter of another month or so.  Then we're into mud season...sigh..but after that come out the flipflops! 

Soli Deo Gloria,

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