Play Day at the Science Center and a new ride.

Last week we spent a few days with family in Calgary.  We hadn't really planned on going to the new Children's Science Center (kind of pricey) but since we ended up being storm stuck there an extra day we decided to go for it.   Yes, we're still getting brutal winter storms out here on the Canadian Prairie. 

Silas was mesmerized by the water exhibits.  
Everything was hands on and available for them to touch, try, experiment and play with. 

Roman dug the giant magnet.

There was one section that was meant specifically for young children.  We spent a lot of time there just letting the little ones dig in and play.   Elijah has such perseverance. 

One of the new exhibits was making movie monsters.  Learning about the robotics, costuming and art work involved. 

The "take it apart" section kept these guys busy for a very long time.  I guess I know what to do with broken  old VCR's now.

Aili loved all the technological creative stuff.  Here she is making a stop motion movie.

Elijah was entertained for ages fiddling with all the little pieces.  I know he was building something very important. 

I'm convinced I need a large bin of pvc pipes now. 

Some fun geometry lessons.

We were there from the time the doors opened in the morning until almost supper time.   It was a really fun day, and relaxing to just let the kids be kids while they satisfied their natural curiosity and love for learning.  

We also got a new Convaid Cruiser push chair just in time for our little family vacation.  It is SO great...days like this are so much easier and doable with proper equipment.  It pushes like a dream, even with one hand.  I'm so happy to have him out of the umbrella stroller.  Not only is it immensely more practical, fitted for him, and easier to get around with (umbrella strollers and snowy parking lots do not mix) it seems to give him a measure of dignity I think.  He sits up so much higher in it, and he's given the respect of a child with a disability rather than the awkward stares/ glares/ eye rolls of a 6 yr old in a toddler stroller (which just looks really strange to people).  We were so thankful that it arrived just before we left for Calgary. 

We didn't expect it to come with the sweet removable tray.  He's a tiny bit short for it but I'm sure he'll grow fast, better than being too big for it.   This is nice for him to be sitting somewhere that maintains proper posture and supports him well while doing table work, puzzles, coloring etc.  

It required a bit of tweaking and adjusting.  We had taken it to with us to his PT appointment and they helped us know what needed to be done.  We removed the five point harness and attached the lap belt instead.  It fastens just like a car seat belt and it super easy and fast to pop him in and out of.  The 5 pt harness is really nice, but he didn't really need the support and it was much more tedious to get his arms through and find the buckles.  I think we're going to order the basket for underneath because...well, a family of 7 always always comes "stuff".  

All the kids wanted to "help".  They think they're brothers ride is pretty sweet.   Elijah really likes it. ..and he has some pretty strong opinions of what he likes and doesn't these days.  It passed the cool test for him I guess.  He knows it's his, and gets irritated if the other kids start messing with his new ride.  It's only fair since they're all going to be bombing around on their bikes in a couple months....whenever all this snow melts. 

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