kitchen dance recital

I just had a fun evening of watching my two oldest put on a show for me. I love moments like this...moments when I can just sit back and thoroughly enjoy them. I think this boy is a dancer, he's been dancing since he was a baby bopping to the music in his excersaucer. Aili is the same way...always dancing. There can't be music playing in our house without someone dancing to it. It was even fun watching him dance to the "gentle songs" that would come on. He gets so into it, he dances with such fierceness and emotion....and he's even with the rythym and the feel of the music the whole time. Dad wants to start teaching him to drum....I'm glad that the drum set is in the garage.

In case you were wondering they were dancing to Starfield and Natalie Grant.

I'm a supa star!!

Here is my ballerina. She wasn't able to take ballet or dance this year but she did it last winter and really enjoyed it. She actually surprised us with how well she learned the exact poses and techniques involved. As you can see here she is opting for more of a "free style" genre :) Oh the freedom. I think thats part of what I love about watching them. There is no insecurity involved, they feel safe enough to be goof balls, to be themselves and to explore who that is.
On the topic of dance, I was watching an episode of a show (which shall remain nameless). One of the many reality family shows. This one is a really big family, freaky big. Nothing against big families by the way I love the idea of big families. I have enormous awe and respect for any woman who can pop out 18 kids and still want more. And , no, that will not be me, we've got our hands full with the quirky ones we've already got. Anyway, I laughed myself silly when on one episode one of the little boys was dancing in a store to a musical toy...like all children do. Apparently dancing in their family is considered a big no-no. They explained that sometimes when the little boys get rambuctious and move to music they prefer to call it "jumping for joy"...because as we all know dancing is evil. Oh, wait a minute I must have missed that part of the Bible...hmmm. It was explained to the camera crew that if you listen to music and you feel like moving to the beat, or moving your body at all.....you are possessed by the music and it is taking over you. Well I guess my kids have been hopelessly taken over by worship music. And their mommy is helpless to do anything about it but sit back and smile . After all it was God ,the ultimate artist, who created and came up with the idea of music....and it was God who created my children to thoroughly enjoy it.
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Jobina said...

I love how your kids dance! How in the world does Roman do that??!!
It's so sad that dancing has been so generalized as "all bad" by some people. I love it when my kids dance. They like to bang their heads like 80s rockers and Trinity really gets into it!
I do know a pair of girls (ages 7 and 8) who have watched Much Music and MTV since birth (practically)and their dancing embarrasses even me.
But non-sexy dancing? Bring it on!

God's Girl said...

Wow... you sure did a great job of capturing the moment! Great pictures. My daughter loves to perform her dances for us all the time all over the house too. : )