New Years Resolutions

I was sitting here at my computer thinking that the passing of another year really deserves a blog post. The problem is that I'm on vacation still and any sort of creative or poetic energy seems to have been left at home. So forgive me if this isn't in anyway deep , inspiring or funny. Now that you are thoroughly wishing you had done something better with your time I'll try to organize a few thoughts.

New years is a time of resolutions. Out with the old failed attempts and in with a new shot at getting it right this year. I'm not big on one day a year resolutions....mostly because they only last until February at best. Just ask my "bow flex" machine how lonely it is. It makes a nice clothing rack though.

I sometimes make resolutions throughout the year like "I will not yell at my kids ever again"...well just ask my kids about that one. I try but it will only last until the next time I find them in an extreme fighting match or they have pushed me to the brink of insanity. I don't yell very often and try to maintain a firm but calm approach to discipline but all moms know that sometimes kids just know how to make your blood boil and then I'm back to feeling guilty again.
Fortunately asking for and giving forgiveness is a frequent occurrence at our house....even from mom.

So as I enter 2009 I am thinking what kind of resolutions I should come up with this year. I could exercise a little more, I could watch tv less, I could be a better mom and a better wife , I could eat better, laugh more....etc. But I know in my own power I will inevitably fail in all these areas so whats the point.

Here is a list of my New resolutions:

1. I will not train everyday for that marathon that I will not be running this year.

2. I will spend more time on my computer hopefully with high speed.

3. I will eat more taco chips and salsa..oohh maybe more guacamole too.

4. I will buy a larger size of jeans as a result of #3

5. I will take more time to read

6. I will let my dishes "soak" more often and play with my kids instead.

Well thats all I've got off the top of my head. I told you I haven't really put any for thought into this New Years. Pretty deep eh?

I think I will go into 2009, with all its crazy uncertainties, just knowing I need to focus on one thing. If I focus on the one thing that matters the rest will fall into place...my priorities, my actions, my parenting and my motivations. I will go into 2009 with my focus on eternity. I will set my eyes on the author and perfecter of my faith and I will run with all my heart, mind , and strength the race set before me. With my eyes and my heart focused solely on Him I will not become distracted by the things in life that just don't matter. I want to see the world through my Fathers eyes, I want to love the way He loves. I want to see the things that are so easy to overlook and feel the things that are sometimes unpleasant to feel. I want to enjoy everyday miracles and see the beauty of each moment we are given. Sounds a lot easier than a whole list of resolutions I can't keep anyway.


MidniteScrapper said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope you pass through often. =] I just skimmed your blog, as well and really enjoy it. LOVE your resolutions - now those sound like achievable goals. LOL I wrote about One Word on my blog instead of resolutions. Good to "meet" you!

God's Girl said...

Now those are some good resolutions! : )
They made me smile!

Rebecca M said...

I think you brought it all in to focus with your last paragraph, Carla!

"But seek first the kingdom of God and all his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you." Mtt 6:33

...and more guacamole. ;)
Happy New Year Burlandos!