A day in Seattle

We spent the whole day Yesterday at the waterfront in Seattle. It is only about a 40 minute drive from where we are staying, depending on traffic of course (something you never have to say where we live). The snow has now melted or been dissolved by rain and the sun even came out briefly. Here we are exploring Pike Place Market. Gotta play on the famous pig. The kids favorite part of the market were the buskers. We stopped and watched two different ones. One was an interesting looking couple who sang duets and played the guitar, banjo and did clogging. Not the kind of music you hear very often anymore....it was definately foot tapping though. Roman loved it ,and they both got to throw money in the case. Then we were onto the guy who played a homemade guitar , a saw, and a harmonica. When I told the kids he was playing the blues...they replied "We know! we saw it on Veggie Tales"....oh yeah silly songs with Larry. I think Roman found one more thing to add to his list of things he wants to do when he grows up. So far he's planning to be a treasure hunting, surfing , street musician. hmmm....Could happen.

Checking out the Seafood at Pike Place Market.

We spent a couple hours at the Aquarium. They had areas like this where the kids could touch star fish and all sorts of strange things. They absolutely loved it. It engaged their curiousity and got their imaginations going.

After the Aquarium we went to Ivar's for a seafood lunch. I had a fish taco (mmm) and my brave daughter had a grilled cheese sandwich. Roman had fish and chips but also wanted to try oysters. I didn't realize they would come raw! We inadvertantly ordered three raw oysters in the shell on a bowl of ice. Roman ate two of them and I was brave enough to try one too. He said they weren't that good, I would have to agree...they kind of taste like the water they came out of. He did get to keep the shells and can now say he has eaten raw oysters.
A highlight for the kids was going to Ye Old Curiousity Shop a landmark in itself. Full of strange things and souveniers. I let them each pick out a small item. Aili bought a $3 necklace. Roman bought toy handcuffs......and my very mature distinguished husband ran around the store looking for fake dog poop. He even had to ask a store clerk "Wheres the poop?!" Apparently it had childhood significance and memories attached. He left the store with a smile on his face holding his bag of poop( exclaiming "they've improved them since I was a kid. It looks so much more real now!") and to top it off a ....excuse me...fart whistle. I left the store rolling my eyes and shaking my head. The kids had a blast fooling Grandma and Grandpa when we got back though.
We came home exhausted but had a wonderful day making memories.


Carol Straley said...

Love all those places,too...to visit anyway! Did the kids get to feed french fries to the seagulls? That's part of our traditions!

Rebecca M said...

I'm glad your kids enjoyed the aquarium! Those touch tanks really are pretty neat. And I think you should include a little sound clip of what the um fart whistle sounds like. Just so your readers will know what one is... :) Happy New Year!

MidniteScrapper said...

Oh, I love and miss Pikes Place Market. Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe? I remember taking my hubby there when we were dating to show him the shrunken heads. So strange. I am assuming you watched them throw fish. That's classic. Sounds like a great day!