Little Angels?

Today was our church's Sunday School Christmas Program. My kids were part of a group of Angels in the play. The director found lovely little kazoo trumpets for them all. They sounded like a flock of geese with chest colds while they waited for the service to begin. It was very loud. Roman's trumpet mysteriously lost its white noise making tip on the way home. I still have no idea what might have happened to it...it certainly didn't go out the window when no one was looking.

The angels had the technically easy job of just standing there during the program....but for a kid like Roman just standing there is not so easy. A role where he could ham it up and be a little comedian maybe....stand there and do nothing...nope. Once again Roman was the main entertainment of the show. I was the mom in the audience who's red face matched my sweater as I stifled giggles and tried to catch his eye to give him 'the look'. Fortunately he had the trumpet to relieve his boredom. He knew enough not to blow it during the play because he had been told not to...but there were so many other things he could do with it that no one had warned him about. It certainly made a nice machine gun. Unfortunately the Holy family was the target. I also had no idea that an person could play both the angel and the nativity dinosaur at the same time. Fortunately he redeemed himself with a solo attempt at Silent Night...well actually he just over shot the music and the rest of the singers by a few lines of the song. Didn't seem to bother him that he was the only one belting out the song though.
Actually I think he was rather proud of himself once he realized the laughter was aimed at him....a true clown.

Not a very clear picture but you can see that look on his face as he ponders what to do with the trumpet next...a guitar perhaps or maybe I could bug the kids next to me with it.
Aili did very well and sang each of the songs with gusto and exagerated mouth movemets. What a proud mommy I was.

Romas quote of the day...well actually it was Friday but since we are on the topic.

Mom:" How was school today , did you get in trouble at all"
Roman:" Well just a bit"
Mom:" What?! why did you get into trouble?"
Roman: (with a sigh and a very sober expression)" I wasn't listening up"
Mom:(with a sigh of exasperation) " Why Roman? You need to pay attention in class and listen to your teacher"
Roman : (with a very serious and remorseful expression) " I know mom, I try... but I'm just not a listening up kind of boy"


Grandpa Steve said...


Hmmm who did he get that from?

Jobina said...

Oh, I just love your kids! Never met em, but I love em.
(no pictures are loading though)

Aunt Lana said...

Do hope I have a chance to go hunting for Pirates with that boy of yours one day Carla :) I'm not a listening up kind of Aunt Lana either :)