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The snow is finally here. Winter took its time this year with no complaints from me. Although, once everything was brown , ugly and cold I was ready for a blanket of fresh snow. This is Silas first trip out to play with his brother in the snow. Look at what a doting big brother Roman is. Right there ready to help him up. Silas resembled the little brother in "A Christmas story"...bundled up so he could barely move. Its been really cold this weekend
around -30 C (-20f) with a wind chill making it feel more like -40c.
Not so bad if you put on a sweater to ward off the drafts and build a fire ( the furnace runs almost constantly) and of course stay indoors. Unfortunately we occasionally have to go places and can't hibernate all winter..although I do my best to try.

Aili and Roman have been saving loose change and have been doing extra jobs and chores for money. They have their little jars full (in Canada we have 1 and 2 dollar coins so the change adds up). The grand total was $13 for Aili and $11 for Roman. They each went shopping in the Gospel For Asia (see link on right side bar below) giving catalog and picked their gifts. Roman picked a pair of bunnies for $11 and Aili bought an Asian language Bible, VBS for one child and 1000 gospel booklets all totaling $13. She was beaming when she found out she could buy 200 booklets for only $1. She said "So for $5 1000 people could learn that Jesus loves them?" Then with a huge grin and sparkly eyes she said "Thats a good way to spend five dollars!" I replied" I can't think of a better way". Its nice that they are old enough to 'get it'and to enjoy giving.

Silas new favorite past time is dressing up in play clothes. We have a big box full of miscillaneous costumes and second hand clothes. Every time I look at him he's wearing something new usually the more the better. Right now he is a purple pirate dinosaur ready for ballet.
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God's Girl said...

Wow... look at all that snow! Here in AZ, we are still wearing t-shirts. I would love it to snow here just for one day - Christmas Day. HA!

I love having the kids earn money and then use it to purchase things for needy kids in other countries. I will plan to do that next year with my daughter.

Thank for sharing Carla.